We are working to be a valuable asset to the community as a research, development, and implementation organization (501(c)3) dedicated to innovation in public education.

Our Mission

To research, develop, study, and refine educational models, practices, curriculum, and programs which cultivate healthy, well educated, engaged citizenry who are primed to play an active role in our evolving global society and equipped for the demands of the ever‐changing workplace.

Our Philosophy

RefocusED, Inc. will utilize current best practices in education from around the world and act as a collaborator and incubator for pioneering methods of education in order to optimize student potential and prepare them to be successful in the Age of Technology and Information. New research proves it is innovation that most significantly and directly impacts our economy and can improve the human condition.

Traditional schools and school district have a hierarchical structure that provides for cohesiveness and standardization. The design of these schools still utilizes the factory model made popular during the industrial revolution. Students are identified as the raw material which enters the system of the school, and through the process of public education, society receives the output of work‐ready graduates. However, students are not raw material; they are wells of human potential that hold the possibilities of our future.



Change is happening globally at lightning speed in the areas of technology, industry, and the economy, and by design, our current educational system is not agile enough to quickly or efficiently adapt. Educational reform happens, but slowly and incrementally, leaving our students at a disadvantage. Without talented individuals who have the necessary knowledge and skills, local industry and area businesses are also at a deficit, which affects our economy.

RefocusED, Inc. has studied this paradigm shift, its impact on learning, working, and our community, and, as our primary initiative, developed a new model of education. This innovative, “Whole Person” Model of Education, incorporates research from around the globe pertaining to cultivating personal health and well‐being, fostering resilience in the face of challenge, developing creativity and problem‐solving capabilities, encouraging independent learning as well as collaboration, teaching financial and technological literacy, and instilling a desire to contribute to the local community and engage in our democratic society.

RefocusED, Inc. has sought input from a wide range of stakeholders, including local industries and experts, area universities and colleges, foundations, non‐profit and social service agencies, government representatives, entrepreneurs, families and community members in order to meet their needs, and more importantly, the needs of area youth. These partnerships and collaborations will be leveraged to provide real‐world, comprehensive project‐based, hands‐on learning and ensure all students are prepared to take advantage of Pittsburgh’s growing employment opportunities.